Bay Area Carrom League - Started Aug 26, 2018

Play As You Go, At Your Pace

Participants (19)


This singles league format, known as “Play as you go, at your pace” league, is light weight on schedule and commitment, yet focused on learning and developing tournament grade carrom skills/strategy.

  1. All matches will be played using international carrom rules. 
  2. All matches will be best of three games, each game of 8 boards or 45 mins or 25 points whichever comes first. 9th board played to break any ties. 
  3. Full round robin between all participating registered players will be played to determine ranking. This means each player will play a match against all the other players in the league.
  4. You are ranked based on a win/loss record (2 points for a win, 0 for a loss) first, then on point differential (for minus against) across all your games and finally, if tied, then the ranking will rely on head-to-head win. 
  5. After the round robin rounds, players ranked from #1 through #8 will enter into the knockout rounds to play quaterfinals, semifinals and final rounds to complete the league.
  6. Referee for the final game, IF REQUIRED, will be selected by the mutual consent of the finalists.


A) What is the start date and how long will the league last?

  • The league starts in the week of August 26th (Sunday). 
  • The duration of the round robin format of the league is dependent on number of registered players and will be approximately 10 weeks.
  • The knockout format of the league will be played on a particular date and a specific venue. (To be announced)

B) Who are my opponents?

  • Draw for each round will be available on this website. However, if mutually convenient, you can play in any order of your matches (as long as you report the scores). 
  • Contact numbers/email information for all participants will be available on this website. 
  • Objective is to play every other participant in the league once. 

C) Where will I play?

  • There will be dedicated weekly venues announced where league games will be set up which you can reserve with the venue host.
  • Participating here enhances learning from others and comeradrie, however is optional. 
  • Alternatively, you can also schedule a good time and venue with your opponent and play at your own convenience. 
  • If having difficulty with scheduling with your opponent after 2 genuine tries, kindly let the committee know. 
  • If the committee is unable to schedule, it will be regarded as a no-show and match awarded to you. (See below for how we score no shows) 

D) How frequently do I play?

  • To keep the league moving along on schedule, we ask that you play at least 2 matches a week.
  • You can play at your pace so if you finish the requisite matches in a week and expect to be out the following week, you can play ahead as long as it is convenient to your opponents,
  • Playing ahead is strongly recommended. 
  • If you joined the league later, you will be given enough time to catch up on your matches. 
  • Kindly Note: Owing to the league already full with an extension to 25 registered players, the more matches in a week played (at least 2, preferably 3)  the better to keep pace of the league towards a 10 week duration of completion.  

E) What’s the last date to sign up for the league?

  • You can sign up for the league post it’s start until the maximum number of league participants are reached (25). That’s the beauty of this league format. However, such will be allowed until 5 weeks into the league after which it practically becomes difficult to catch up. 
  • If the maximum has not been achieved until such time, the total number of participants in the league will be capped by the number we have as of exactly 5 weeks post the league's start.  You can begin participating in the league anytime prior to this date.
  • The number of participants can grow until the above milestone is hit and can shrink anytime through the league. 
  • After the maximum number of participants are reached, you will be allowed to sign into a waitlist in cases there are dropouts. 
  • Kindly Note: Owing to the overwhelming response to the August 2018 league, registration is now closed within a week from opening. Thank you to all those who signed up. Waitlist will stay available. Kindly RSVP. 

G) How do you score no shows?

  • No shows or exits from the league are simply regarded as games won 15-0 by the opponent.

H) How do I report scores?

  • Winner of each match will report the game scores on a newly created BACL WhatsApp group. Opponent is expected to confirm the score within 24 hours. 
  • Example: 
    • Mandar beats Naveen. Game scores: 15-10, 25-1.
    • Mandar sends a message to the BACL group with the text: “Mandar beat Naveen (15-10, 25-1)”
    • Naveen’s responsibility is to reply to Mandar’s message with the text: “Confirmed”. 
  • Players are ultimately responsible for sending the scores and the correctness of the same. Confirmed scores will be available on our website for review. If there are errors, kindly let the committee know immediately. 

I) Is there a doubles league as well?

  • If this works well, we will be mimicking this format for a doubles only league with half the participants. More information will be available on this as we go. Stay tuned.


Disclaimer !!!

Given below are the high-level rules and regulations of the tournament to resolve conflicts (if they arise). The same rules are followed at the international level.

Don't be intimidated by these seemingly complicated rules. They are meant to serve as guidelines and to resolve any conflict between players during the game. As this is a local league with the objective of promoting carrom, we hope you play with friendly spirit and sportsmanship.

Basics Rules & Scoring:

  • Trial boards are not mandatory. However, maximum of one trial board is allowed if both teams/players agree.
  • Strictly no talking / gestures / any mode of communication while game is in progress (with partner and/or opponent).
  • Queen carries three points and loses value beyond 22 points. 
  • Maximum points you can score/claim in a board is 12 points (including pending dues).
  • Player who scores 25 points first / leading at the end of 8 boards / end of time limit (45 min) will be declared a winner.
  • If the points are tied at the end of 8 boards/ end of time limit – toss should decide who gets to strike in the 9th (deciding board).


  • Strike should be made within 12 secs of player’s turn. 
  • Hand shots (pocketing coins below the baseline) is legal and allowed.
  • Both hands can be used to pocket the coins. However, only hand must be in play at a time.
  • Elbow cannot be within the playing surface (beyond the cushion) when striking. 
  • At least one leg should be touching the floor when striking. 
  • Support of any object (such as chair) cannot be taken while striking. 
  • Only one hand should be touching the board while striking. 
  • Body should be within the playing area when striking.
  • Hitting the striker on the cushion to test the stroke in between strikes is not permitted.
  • Any coin can be pocketed at any time if the striker touches both the lines or completely covers the base circle.
  • You can play opponent coin (directly) without touching your coin.


  • Umpire would not be made available – players can play the match per mutual understanding on the fouls. 
  • Opponent shall warn of any impending foul before the release of the striker.
  • If queen and coin is followed in one strike – it is considered as covered - sequence does not matter. 
  • Queen should be covered by the player with his own coin.


  • One coin will be due if striker is pocketed – player who pocketed the striker will lose the strike. 
  • Two coins will be due if player’s coin and striker is pocketed - player who did the double foul will continue with his strike. 
  • One coin will be due if opponent’s coin and striker is pocketed- player will lose his strike. 
  • Striker should not be touched until all coins come to rest in the playing area. 
  • Due should be placed within 12 secs.
  • In the absence of umpire – queen must be placed by the player who failed to cover it.
  • Due coin cannot touch an existing coin on the board.
  • Due coin cannot be placed in the red (center is reserved for jumped coin and the red coin only). 
  • Striker should be placed below the striking line when placing the due coin. 
  • If two coins are to be placed as due. Both the coins can be dragged from the base line / air dropped one by one. 
  • Player can adjust the due coin within 12 secs time limit.
  • Due coin cannot be placed to form a shot / support for a shot on the board. 
  • If center is already covered with a coin and red is returned to play – it should be placed opposite of the player who is to strike. 
  • Technical foul (foul made in the player’s turn) will result in a due and losing the strike. 
  • Non-Technical foul (foul made outside of the player’s turn) will result in a due.
  • Opponents' dues can be waived by you at any point of the game/match.