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Our Mission


Bay Area Carrom Association (BACA)'s vision, mission and values. Meet the team behind the scenes. 

Bay Area Carrom Tournaments


BACA conducts several local carrom tournaments, leagues, promotional events to discover, nurture and foster the carrom talent in the Bay Area. Come join us, be a part of the fever and enjoy yourself!

Carrom Ratings


Carrom Ratings! We're introducing ratings to carrom in a unique way.. Check out your local Bay Area Talent and how they're doing in ongoing tournaments and leagues. 

Help Our Cause

Passionate about carrom, a family game you loved as a child, and wish to see the sport grow to a professional level in the Bay Area and all across North America? 

Conducting tournaments, providing equipments and securing venues is a massive undertaking which will not be possible without your generous donation and support. No amount is too small. Your support will not only go towards growing the game in the Bay Area but will also help groom our existing players preparing them to battle at the bigger stage.

We, sincerely, thank you in advance!

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