24th US Nationals Carrom Championship - June 2019

Lots to play for! The buzz is here and the time is right. Let the battles begin!

We have received overwhelming response to event registrations. Thank you! 

Owing to high demand, we have extended the number of registrations available. Limited Spots Left.

History in the making - A first ever

The US Nationals is a rich tradition!

Every year, carrom enthusiasts from across US and Canada travel to participate in this major tournament. Carrom has emerged from being a family game into a budding professional sport demonstrating high levels of skill, talent and fierce competitive sportsmanship, yet with the same family spirit, enjoyment and culture amongst the players that symbolizes its roots. This is a treat to experience!

History is in the making! For the first time ever, the Bay Area Carrom Association (BACA) in joint partnership with the United States Carrom Association (USCA) is proud to bring the elite US Nationals Carrom Championships (24th Edition) to the 

San Francisco Bay Area in 2019.

The USCA, after having conducted 23 US National Championships (1996-2018) hosting the carrom players from United States and Canada, three Grand Slam / US Open tournaments attracting national and international players, three previous international tournaments - the World Championships in 1996 (Raleigh, NC) and in 2003 (Atlantic City, NJ) as well as the prestigious ‘3rd Carrom World Cup’ in 2010 (Richmond, VA) is proud to host the 24th edition of the US Nationals Championships in the Bay Area in joint partnership with BACA. BACA is honored to bring this wonderful sport to the technology capital of the world home to a diverse ethnic culture and population from carrom playing nations.

Will Saravanan make this 24th event his second stint of five-for (five in a row)?

Will Louie break open into the US Nationals Champions?

Will seasoned experienced talent or prospective emerging talent conquer the title?

Can Bay Area retain the Doubles Championship title?