Bay Area Carrom Challenge - November 2009

Hello everyone!

As part of the UK Walkathon event on Nov 15th, the Bay Area Carrom Club will be conducting a "Carrom Challenge" at the venue in Mountain View. Whether you are a recreational player who just loves the game or an erstwhile champion curious to know if you've still got it, here's your chance to test your carrom skills. Plus it's for a good cause - all proceeds go to charity 


We have planned lots of fun and competitive variations of carrom, there will be something for every skill level. May be you are a much better player than you think or may be you will upset a champion. Only one way to find out... Are you up for the challenge?!

Participants have 3 options to choose from -

Challenge a bayarea carrom champion. 3 boards, challenger gets to break twice.

1 board, winner to stay. If you win 3 boards in a row, play a final board against a champion. Win that to be the "Last Striker Standing"!

Pocket all 19 coins on the board in 35 strokes or less. Any order (black and white don't matter), but Queen must be covered.

Entry fees:
- Unlimited free play for UK Walkathon participants ($15 early bird).
- $10: Carrom only, unlimited play.
- $5: Carrom only, you get 1 shot at each challenge.
[All fees will be donated to Udavum Karangal (see]

If you win any challenge, you get your entry fee back and will also be a seeded player in the next Bay Area Open Carrom Tournament (early 2010). Apart from the bragging rights that is ;-)

Event Date/time:
Sunday, Nov 15th 2009.
8.30AM - 12.00PM(noon).

Shoreline at Mountain View (Kite flying area)
3070 North Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA

Yes, this will be an outdoor event. But we will play inside a tent. All carrom equipment will be provided, tournament quality. For any questions, contact Bala or post it on the group DL (

Prepare for the battle!